Hello, my name is Ahmed AbouZaid, a passionate DevOps, Linux system engineer, Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), AWS SysOps, Free/Open source geek, author, detail and result oriented! I'm interested in environment, calligraphy, I believe that “Details Matter”. Automation, data, and metrics are my preferred areas. I have a built-in monitoring chip, and too lazy to do anything manually :D

As a Linux system engineer, from Web Hosting to DevOps. I’ve experience with scalable multi-tier architecture and wide range of technologies like: AWS, IaaS, configuration management, continuous integration/deployment, web servers, monitoring, virtualization, scripting, automation, DBA, SQL, NoSQL, security hardening, and performance tuning ... for more details take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

I believe in freedom of knowledge, free/open source software and support initiatives like Access to Knowledge, Open Access. I have two popular Arabic books: “Simply Ubuntu”, “Free/Open source software guide”, finally I'm founder and lead LibreBooks.org.

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