Moderating DevOps circle at JobStack 2022

Last Satruday (18.06.2022), I had a great chance to moderate and participate the DevOps circle in JobStack 2022 by Talents Arena. JobStack is the biggest virtual tech job fair in the region (MENA) and this was the 4rd edition.

With Hussein El-Sayed (Software engineer III at AWS) and Mohamed Radwan (Sr. Cloud Architect at T-Systems) ... we answered many different questions about DevOps. The circle or the AMA session was heavily based on a previous collaborative session between us in 2022 (DevOps! What, Why, and How? - Arabic)

The whole event was great and had a lot of fruitful sessions and discussions.

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Hello, my name is Ahmed AbouZaid, I'm a passionate Tech Lead DevOps Engineer. 👋

With 16+ years of open-source contributions, 12+ years of professional hands-on experience in DevOps, and an M.Sc. in Data Engineering from Edinburgh Napier University (UK), I enjoy facilitating the growth of both businesses and individuals.

I specialize in Cloud-Native and Kubernetes. I'm also a Free/Open source geek and book author. My favorite topics are DevOps transformation, automation, data, and metrics.

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