Monitor processes with Telegraf/InfluxDB/Kapacitor - Python

Recently I needed to monitor some system processes in a "blackbox" way! I just need to make sure they are up and running, and number of each process. e.g. if "sshd" process is running or not, and how many of it is running.

I think even you do monitor and collect performance metrics (whitebox monitoring), you also need
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Key value array in shell scripts! - Bash

I really believe if you need key-value (aka associative array) in your script, then you need to move to a real language which most probably will be Python or so.

But for some reasons, you maybe need it in one of your bash scripts. And of course will not rewrite the script just for that part!
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Add a new host to Opsview via API - Python

Once a wise man said: "You can't manage, what you don't measure!" (and this one of my favorite quotes btw). That's why monitoring is an essential part of any system administration.

For that reason, Nagios was a good solution and had a good market share for a long time. But Nagios
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Emulate pbcopy and pbpaste in Linux with xsel - Bash.

One of nice tools I did use before are "pbcopy" and "pbpaste", which are simply copy and paste any data to and from clipboard in command line! It's a Mac OS tool, and unfortunately there is no port for Linux!

However you still can get the same functionality on Linux using
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