2022 Highlights

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Finally, 2022 is over! What a crazy year! In many countries, the Covid-19 pandemic is about to come to an end, but a global economic recession is almost at the door!

On a personal level, it wasn't an easy year for sure, but it was good in many different ways.

Top 5 highlights in 2022

  1. Career: Started the Distribution team at Camunda 🤩️ which is responsible for building and deploying the Camunda Platform 8 Self-Managed (now using an umbrella [Helm chart). Later on, there will be a Kubernetes Operator. That's a great career boost; I just started with many new and exciting challenges. And BTW, my team will begin hiring in 2023!

  2. Coding for Kubernetes: Big refactoring for Bank-Vaults operator which is the biggest open-source contribution to a project I don't own/manage. It polished my Golang skills, and I learned many new things (and had fun where I redesigned the operator logo 😂️).

  3. Security Knowledge-sharing: In 2021, I got my CKS certificate. Then, at the beginning of 2022, I started a security initiative at Camunda to enhance security practices. Then, later on, I conducted a session about Kubernetes Security Best Practices (with some tips for the CKS exam) which was a great case that includes theory, applied practice, and knowledge-sharing!

  4. Advanced CI/CD Knowledge-sharing: I wrote a detailed post about my experience with custom step conditionalRetry, which handles failures on spot/preemptible infrastructure so you could save up to 90% of the costs and have stable builds as well! It's been released as open source, and you can use that in your pipeline!

  5. Activities: Helped more people in their careers, once by moderating the DevOps circle at [JobStack 2022, and also in the voluntary mentorship that I do from time to time.

Besides these highlights, I had some nice stuff during the year. For example:

  • Added more features to kubech (which is a tool to set kubectl context/namespace per shell/terminal )
  • Virtually attended KubeCon Europe 2022, and the content was great!
  • Reached my writing goal this year and wrote 12 blog posts in 2022!

And since we are on this topic, here are the top 5 visited blog posts in 2022!

Top 5 posts in 2022

  1. Delete a manifest from Kustomize base - Kubernetes

  2. 3 ways to customize off-the-shelf Helm charts with Kustomize - Kubernetes

  3. Validate, format, lint, secure, and test Terraform IaC - CI/CD

  4. Now I'm a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer + 10 exam tips

  5. Continuous Delivery and Maturity Model - DevOps

No wonder that Kustomize post is the hights post; that's because there is not much content about it even though it's built-in kubectl now! (since v1.14), I probably need to give it more attention since there is an increase in the demand for it.

For that reason, I just started Awesome Kustomize, which is a curated and collaborative list of awesome Kustomize resources 🎉️

Enjoy 🚀️

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