Nagios script to check cPanel license

As I remember, this script is one of my first scripts, it's really simple, it was some kind of 30 seconds script to solve a problem :D

It uses cPanel APIs to check cPanel license for this IP/Hostname, and If it not active, Nagios/Opsview will notify you ... that's it :-)

# Simple (really simple :D) Nagios script to check cPanel license.
# ./check_cpanel_license.sh -H SERVER_IP/HOSTNAME (or $HOSTADDRESS$ in Nagios/Opsview)
# BY:
# Ahmed M. AbouZaid

if [ "$1" = "-H" ]; then
  curl -s http://verify.cpanel.net/verifyFeed.cgi?ip=$2 | grep -q 'status="1"';
  if [ $? = 0 ]; then
    echo "OK - CPANEL license is active."
    exit 0
    echo "CRITICAL - CPANEL license is inactive."
    exit 2
  echo "Usage: $0 [OPTION]"
  echo "-H IP/Hostname"
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