Install S3cmd via pip - Ansible

Recently, I needed to install S3Cmd with some other tools via pip, but I didn't find any Ansible role do that, so I made one "ansible-latest-s3cmd". Maybe I will add support for yum later.

Actually, I made it to be used as role or stand-alone playbook, so you can use it easily (You can also use this lovely script "ansible-role-apply" to run any role directly).

To use it directly:
ansible-playbook ansible-latest-s3cmd.yml

To use it as role in a playbook:
- name: Ansible role to install and configure latest version of s3cmd (via pip).
  hosts: s3cmd-servers
  sudo: true
  gather_facts: no
    - ansible-latest-s3cmd

  - key: 'AWS_KEY'
  - secret: 'AWS_SECRET'

And if you are a security freak like me, you should take a look at Ansible "Vault", which allows keeping sensitive data such as passwords or keys in encrypted files.

That's it :D
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