Detailed log view - Git

Sometimes ago, I found a nice Git combination. Which's really handy, and I use it a lot to have a pretty log overview.

Here is an example (this log from consul-ssh-conf-generator repo):

git log --all --decorate --oneline --graph

*   a7ac8cd (tag: v1.0.1, origin/master, master) version 1.0.1
| * d3366e5 deploy binaries to github and enhance docker image build
| * a04ad5c create makefile to build and release binaries
*   5e9de8a (tag: v1.0.0) Merge pull request #1 from AAbouZaid/devel
| * aa3bc95 add README.md
| * 03893af build and push docker image on master only
| * 19e4bf7 .travis.yml to deploy docker image
* bf6fe4f make ConsulNodes in a single type
* b8152f9 use template as a var for sake of simplicity
* bc4e79d multistage docker file to build and run the app

Actually as a shortcut, it's much easier:

git config --global alias.adog "log --all --decorate --oneline --graph"

So now it's just git adog.
This nice view makes it easy to follow the branches in the repo.
Happy coding!

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