DevOps for Engineers - Presentation

Yesterday, I presented at Talents Arena's virtual tech job fair which was a great event and a result of hard work!

A few months ago, 3 people which are: Hussein El-Sayed a Software engineer at AWS, Mohamed Radwan a Cloud Architect at Siemens, and me, Ahmed AbouZaid decided to clarify some points about DevOps in action. Exactly 3 months ago, the result was a great 2-hours online session DevOps! What, Why, and How?

My at the virtual tech job fair session called "DevOps for Engineers" it's simply a short version based on the previous collaborative session with a little shift in the focus to fit all engineers in the software life cycle. The goal of the session was the same which is to give a short intro about what DevOps is, why it started, and how it will help you.

I enjoyed a lot of sessions especially that related to Agile methodologies. I believe that the event will help a lot of people, especially those who are at the beginning of their careers.

It was a great chance on many levels :-)

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Hello, my name is Ahmed AbouZaid and this is my "lite" technical blog!

I'm a passionate DevOps engineer, Cloud/Kubernetes specialist, Free/Open source geek, and an author.

I believe in self CI/CD (Continuous Improvements/Development), also that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

DevOps transformation, automation, data, and metrics are my preferred areas. And I like to help both businesses and people to grow.

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