My first upstream Helm chart, Camunda Platform chart - Helm

And here we are, my new post at Camunda blog! I've created a Helm chart to deploy Camunda Platform on Kubernetes in no time 🚀️

Sounds fun? Read all about it here: Releasing Camunda Platform Community Helm Chart.

In tha past, I worked a lot with SaltStack, created several accepted changes in the upstream, wrote formulas best practices, how to test configuration management and IaC and I became a SaltStack Formulas maintainer. It was a great experience on many levels! And I gained a lot of great experience.

The same for this Helm chart, this is a full project by itself! Understand business use cases, create the Helm chart, work with the community, upload to ArtifactHub.io (which is a great project btw), communication with different parties, and finally this blog post.

Firstly, this is my first public upstream Helm chart! In the past, I had the chance to create and maintain open-source resources, and it boosts your skills a lot where you need to cover many cases and do tests even for Infrastructure as Code!

Second, one of many nice things at Camunda is that engineers can spend 10% of their time working on their own projects. That allows you to work on different ideas, technologies, and even with teams you usually don't work with.

I got a deep dive into many technical and business aspects, which always motivates me a lot! This kind of project boosts your skills and gives you a totally different prescriptive on many levels.

Finally, as usual, I love feedback, it always matters! So if you have any feedback, feel free to send it in the project Github repo: Camunda public Kubernetes Helm repo.

Enjoy :-)

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