KubeconformValidator, my first Kustomize validator plugin - Golang


In the past, Kustomize suggested using transformers to validate resources, but later, it introduced validators, which are like transformers but read-only.

Say Hi to KubeconformValidator, a plugin built around Kubeconform to validate manifests schema within Kustonize 🚀


  • Kubeval is not maintained anymore, and their repo suggests using Kubeconform as a replacement.
  • The KRM model is used in the plugin, so no more Kustomize legacy plugins.
  • During the weekend, I did it in 5 short iterations (in hours) to discover different options and structures.
  • In the past, I used kpt-functions-sdk/fn to work with KRM, but I decided to try Kustomize's kyaml/fn/framework, and it's great 😍
  • The kyaml/fn/framework saved a lot of work with KRM and let met to just focus on the plugin logic. For example, I don't need to deal with OpenAPI Schema validation, it does it perfectly.


apiVersion: validators.kustomize.aabouzaid.com/v1alpha1
kind: KubeconformValidator
  name: validate
    config.kubernetes.io/function: |
      # Exec KRM functions.
       path: ../dist/kubeconformvalidator

      # # Containerized KRM functions.
      # container:
      #   image: aabouzaid/kubeconformvalidator
      #   network: true
  # Configure Kubeconform.
    output: json
    - AlertmanagerConfig
  # Also, direct Kubeconform args could be used
  # but "spec.args" has lower priority over "spec.config".
  # https://github.com/yannh/kubeconform#Usage
  # args:
  # - -output
  # - json
  # - -skip
  # - AlertmanagerConfig

That's it! Enjoy, and don't forget to take a look at awesome Kustomize list! :-)

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