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Dynamic DevOps Roadmap

A couple of months ago, I discussed why all linear DevOps learning roadmaps are broken by default (like roadmap.sh/devops)! In that post, I've discussed the issue, where it comes from, and the solution I tried for over 5 years!

The solution is simply switching to an MVP-style learning roadmap where you learn in iterations and touch multiple parts simultaneously (not necessarily equally). Each iteration should focus on a primary topic while exploring related side topics. So after a month, you already know about each topic in the roadmap, and after the 2nd month, you have the basics, and after the 3rd month, you have a good base, and so on.

Based on my mentorship experience in the last 5 years, I've concluded that any "tool-based" approach to deal with DevOps will fail miserably. The Cloud-Native landscape is getting bigger and bigger every day, and there is no way to deal with it that way.

For that reason, I've reviewed all docs from the previous mentorship docs I held in the past (I worked with people starting their first job, career shift, or moving to another work style or company) and built the ultimate missing solution!

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This roadmap is polymorphic, which means it's designed to work in different modes. It depends on how fast you want to go.

  1. Self-Learning Course: In this mode, you are not expected to have DevOps experience, and you want to go from zero to hero, transforming your knowledge to land your first job as a DevOps Engineer.
  2. Hands-on Project: In this mode, you have some experience with DevOps (usually between 1-2 years of work experience), but you want to step up your skills with real hands-on industry-grad projects to learn DevOps in a pragmatic manner.
  3. Mentorship Program: In this mode, the previous two modes are covered (that means it could be only for the project or the whole roadmap) but with support from a mentor! The project will provide you with a DevOps expert who will guide you in following up on your progress and personalizing your learning plan.

The whole idea is about the Learning by Doing method (aka Problem-based Learning), which is done in iterative phases where you learn as you go and cover the whole DevOps cycle like Code, Containers, Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Observability, and Infrastructure.

The project is a work in progress; more details are in the status section.

I hope that the project helps more people start their DevOps engineering careers! The market is thirsty for it already!

⭐ Check out the Dynamic Roadmap content ⭐

Happy DevOps-ing :-)

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Start Your DevOps Engineer Journey!

Start Your DevOps Engineer Journey!
Start your DevOps career for free the Agile way in 2024 with the Dynamic DevOps Roadmap ⭐

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