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In an ideal world, when you have all the time, resources, and money ... we would automate everything, from small tasks to mission-critical tasks. However, that world almost doesn't exist! In real life, some manual actions would be involved here or there.

On the other hand, there is a really important point here, not all manual actions are created equal! If manual work is inevitable, make sure any of the manual work does not block automation in the future.

Many times I see people say if it's manual, it doesn't matter how to make it. But I don't believe so!
Some manual actions are costing more than others and even could need much work in the future to automate them.

So if there no escape of the manual steps, think twice to make sure it will be easy to automate that action later.
In most cases, probably it will take the same time and effort to make it automation-friendly or not.

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Hello, my name is Ahmed AbouZaid, I'm a passionate Tech Lead DevOps Engineer. 👋

With 16+ years of open-source contributions, 12+ years of professional hands-on experience in DevOps, and an M.Sc. in Data Engineering from Edinburgh Napier University (UK), I enjoy facilitating the growth of both businesses and individuals.

I specialize in Cloud-Native and Kubernetes. I'm also a Free/Open source geek and book author. My favorite topics are DevOps transformation, automation, data, and metrics.

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